New Survival !

Hello crafters !

Im happy to announce that we have a new 1.12 survival server !

we added new features such as,

* Mcmmo

* Enhanced Enchantment

* Towny

* Special fish and fish events

* Advanced Achievements

 * Jobs

* more vote links for more rewards

and many more to come.

All the guides for the new plugins can be soon found on the Survival Forums.

Ranks and key crates will also come during this week.

Have fun and enjoy  !

Survival Update !


Hello crafters !

I made some major changes to the survival server,

Added Mcmmo

Added Jobs

Added special enchantments

For more imore information see the survival forum.



1.10.2 Survival

Hello Crafters,

I am happy to announce that the new 1.10.2 Survival is now open !

We have updated the server to premium and version 1.10.2.

New features like Pets, Randomteleport and more..

There will still be a lot of things added the coming days such as PvP and Mob Arena and few minigames

The next server that will be added is Skyblock. This is still under construction but I will try to have this done within 2 weeks.


Happy playing !

Server Update


Hello people !

In the coming week the server will go offline.

Don't panic it is only temporary.

It will be updated the version 1.10.2.

Another big change is it will now be Premium instead of Cracked.

Previous donators will be compensated on the new server.

If you have any questions contact me on teamspeak or leave a post on the forums.



Dream_Theater - Owner


Hello fellow crafters !!

It has taken some time but finally I'm happy to announce that tommorow evening factions will be open for public. There were some setbacks along the way but we managed to fix them.

We still have some small things to do like adding a pvp arena, vote crates and such and to test of all ingame ranks and donator ranks commands etc.

Donator ranks will become avaible during this week as it will take some time to type out all the kits and goodies you get in the description.

Hope you will enjoy it !



Server opening

Hello Crafters !

We have managed to open up our server !

Skyblock is open and played as normal non pvp.

Survival is open too! This is PvP and mcmmo!

Also its somewhat OP in mobs and mob bosses.

We have custom items and custom skill books and more!

I hope you will enjoy it and in the mean time we will work on factions.

If you encounter any issues or errors please feel free to make a support ticket or post in the issues forum.

Also I wanna thank Knighthawk for doing a good job on making this fantastic website !

Update in progress


Hello there crafters !

We have finished the skyblock server.It seem to be running smoothly without any erors.

Also OP Survival is as good as done. It seems as though there are no errors.

We have some nice features as Horse combat. It allows players to pvp other players on horseback.

OP mobs that can contain Bosses which drop special items etc. It still needs a few final details as donator ranks kits etc.

This week we will focus our attention on the factions server. We have some nice ideas and the spawn is in progress of being build.

Server Intro


Hello fellow crafters !

My name is Jos alias Dream_Theater and I am the owner of Crafters-United.

Crafters-United will be a new server that is still under construction and we are working hard to get it

Play on Crafters-United
Our server is currently

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